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Aerovalley Flying Club is based in Roanoke, TX at Northwest Regional Airport (52F)…


AVFC Membership

Learn all about membership and how to become cool like the rest of us.

Our Fleet

As far as flying clubs go, we think we have a pretty cool fleet of planes to choose from…


We are AeroValley Flying Club!

A 50+ member, 4 aircraft fleet, flying club based out of 52F in Roanoke

Our goal is to make aviation affordable! Club planes are no-mark-up leasebacks. Dues cover the cost of hangars, events, and other miscellaneous administrative charges that are required to operate the club.

Our Aircraft are available for primary or advanced training for Club members. We have four local CFIs for checkouts that can provide training, endorsements, checkouts, etc. If you want to learn more check out the About Us page!

A little club formation flying going on right here!