Here are the most common pre-member questions:

What are the membership costs?

The cost to be a member is simple. There is a $325 initiation fee upon joining, and the monthly membership dues are $85/month.  You will be billed through Flight Circle after joining the club.  Each of the airplanes has its own dry tach rate; the members are responsible for filling up the tanks upon completion of their reservation.

How does the billing cycle work?

Our billing cycle is from the 25th of the month to the 24th of the next.  On the 25th, each member is billed their dues through Flight Circle.  All payments of dues, plus accumulated flight times within that cycle, are due by the 10th of the following month. All payments must be made via a debit / credit card through Flight Circle.

What are the dry rates on the planes?

The dry rates are based on tach time. They are published on each of the planes pages under the “Fleet” section. Since our fleet and rates may change from time to time, they are not published here. To view the fleet info, click here.

Do I have to carry renter's insurance?

Yes. Our minimums are $60,000 hull coverage and we can tell you who to contact to get your insurance squared away with the right coverages. Most members tell use they are happy to find that the cost of the insurance is far less than they anticipated.

How do you schedule time for the planes?

We use a system called Flight Circle which handles all of the scheduling of the aircraft, as well as any maintenance squawks.

Where are your planes hangared?

The fleet is located at DTO. Please see the “Fleet” section for each of the airplane’s current t-hangar address.

What kind of events do we have as a club?

Our club holds various events throughout the year. We have BBQs and hangar hangouts, as well as more formal events around the holidays. We also do training sessions (usually involving tacos or pancakes!) from time to time. We like to think we are very welcoming as a club, and there are definitely opportunities to make some new friends in the aviation community.

Do you have instructors in the club that can provide BFR's, checkouts, instrument, commercial, and other type rating instruction?

Yes, we have several club instructors available for checkouts, BFRs, and advanced instruction. As a member you will work directly with them on scheduling and payments. Each instructor sets their own rates and work independently of the club, however we require all of our instructors to also be members. So you know they will take the time and care needed to give you the best instruction.

What sets your club apart from other flying clubs in the area?

We are a no-markup club, which means we keep the fees as low as possible to promote affordability in aviation. Our member fees cover the overhead costs of hangars and other club necessities. The dry rates have $0 club markup meaning 100% of the dry tach rate goes directly into maintenance and upkeep of the planes.  We are firmly integrated in the North Texas Aviators community and you’ll see our members participating in various aviation events in the club planes.  We love to fly and we want to share our passion for aviation with others!

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