Christina Wong (Cougar)


Christina is our club president and has taken the North Texas Aviator scene by storm! She is always on the prowl for new members so watch out!

Steve Wong (Viper)

Vice President

Steve epitomizes what it means to be the best at his craft. Don’t let him come up on your six or you my get bit!

Matt Wells (Goose)


Matt Wells is our club Secretary. When Matt isn’t writing up meeting minutes he really likes to honk at all the other pilots from the tower!

Scott Poliseno (Maverick)


Scott likes to fly fast and loose and if you get to close he might just hit the brakes and let you fly right by… “He’s going to do what?!”

Kevin Sellers (Slider)

Chief Mechanic

Kevin is our Chief Mechanic and always getting his hands greasy for our club… He’s tough, loves Alabama and uses safety wire as a toothpick!

HMaria is our “Member At Large”. Her call sign is chipper because she is always smiling when she is flying… but when she is calling a member they usually have a frown. Stay off her squawk list!

Kevin is our “Chief Pilot” and represents the best interests of the members to the board. As you can tell he thinks he is sooo Hollywood!