The club’s policy is managed by Airpower Insurance

Agent: Tom Johnson

Corporate Office: 866-475-9199
Fax: 623-321-5843
Cell: 602-628-2701

Insurance Carrier – Hallmark Insurance Company

Policy No: GA99-33687-03

Liability: $1,000,000

Property Damage: $100,000

Hull Coverage: (Determined by owner and club separately for each plane to ensure proper coverage)

Deductible: $500 not in motion and $1000 in motion


We require that members secure their own non-owned policy to cover club aircraft with a minimum hull coverage of $60,000.

We make no formal recommendation of any specific company.  However, we can put you in touch with an agent that is familiar with our club and required coverages.

Remember, only you can choose the company and policy that best serves your needs.