AeroValley Flying Club: not your ordinary flying club!

AeroValley Flying Club is based out of DTO in North Texas.

Club planes are no-markup leasebacks. Monthly membership dues cover hangars and club insurance, as well as administrative costs for the club.  Each of the airplanes has its own dry hourly tach rate, which goes directly to that airplane’s maintenance and upkeep.

Our Aircraft are available for advanced training for club members. All CFIs/CFIIs MUST be named on our insurance and completed a CFI Checkout before they can provide training in anyway. The club will provide to our members a list of current CFIs/CFIIs that meet this criteria. Club members contact them directly for arrangement of instructor fees and scheduling.

See our Bylaws to find out more about the club. Sign-Up rates and forms are under Join. For more info, Contact us, or visit our Facebook Page

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Aerovalley Flying Club Bylaws

A Message From Our Founder

“I am excited about the prospect of starting a flying club. I have always wanted to belong to an organization with the camaraderie of others who are like-minded about flying. I don’t know why it had to be, but one of the main tenets of a club, in my mind, is to have the kind of people with the eternal flame in their hearts for flying, so as not to let it be extinguished. The core of any flying club should consist of member’s with that flame.

I began this effort in 2009. I gave this club the name “Aerovalley” to honor the legacy of the little airport the great Edna Gardner Whyte built. She built this place without help from banks, selling about everything she had and borrowing from friends and giving her own blood, sweat and tears to the effort.

It is my desire to watch this club grow and flourish while I am here and beyond my time. I believe that we as a club can maintain the enthusiasm for flying and promote the value of general aviation to others through our club activities and by our example bring others into the world of aviation and inspire new pilots.

Thanks for looking us up!”