If you're looking for a fast four seater... our Cherokee 235 should do the trick!

General Information
  • $65/dry TACH. Pilots top off tanks before putting it back.
  • See Sales_Tax to see if you qualify for sales tax exemption
  • This plane requires a minimum 1 hour checkout and a questionnaire: N9929W_Questionnaire.pdf
  • The FAA type certificate 2A13 for some info which isn’t in the older AFM.
  • The AFM, Expanded CG, W&B, Registration, Airworthiness, and 337s from the plane are in N9229W_PA28-235_AFM.pdf.
  • The Owner’s Handbook, which supplements the AFM, is in PA-28-235B_Cherokee_POH_OCR.pdf
Aircraft Data
  • FAA Flight Planning code is P28B/I (translated to PA-28, High Performance, Mode C, VOR+DME) Ref.
  • Wing Tanks, two at 25gal each (17gal at tabs)
  • Tip Tanks, two at 17gal each
  • Lycoming O-540-B4B5, 6-cyl, 235HP at 2575RPM
  • SLICK 6×50/6×55 Magnetos (dual impulse)
  • Hartzell HC-C2YK-1 8486 2-blade, constant speed propeller
  • Kelley Aerospace (Chrysler/Mopar) 60A, 12V Alternator (no power if battery dead/missing)
  • KMA 20 Audio Panel
  • Sigtronics ST-400, 4-place, stereo intercom
  • Sigtronics RES-401 Stereo / Music Switcher
  • Davtron M800-14BAT clock with backup battery
  • Airpath C2300-L4 wet compass with 12V illumination
  • Aircraft power cable for GPSMAP 696 and yoke mount
  • King KT 76A Mode C Transponder
  • King KX 170B Nav/Com (VOR/LOC/GS), no flip-flop
  • KN-75 Remote Glideslope Receiver
  • KI-214 VOR/LOC/ILS CDI on NAV1 & KN74
  • King KX 175B Nav/Com (VOR/LOC), no flip-flop
  • KI-213 VOR/LOC Indicator on NAV2 & KN74
  • King KN 74 Area Navigation Computer (DME/RNAV) (066-4003-00)
  • KI 266 DME Indicator on KN74
  • KN-65 Remote DME
  • DME on/off & nav1/nav2 toggles
V Speeds

The following is general reference only, and is not a replacement for the AFM.

  • Stall at max gross (2900) is 60mph dirty and 70mph clean. Tough to break at full power.
  • Approach and Vx are 90mph. Glide is 95mph. Vy is 100mph.
  • Short Final can be 80mph with 40 flaps, or 90mph clean. That’s about 12″ for a power-on landing.
  • If you’re slow on approach, you can fall through ground effect
  • In the flare, nose up is all the way back. Be careful not to land flat or nose first.
  • Vne 197mph,
  • Vno 156mph,
  • Va 138mph,
  • Vfe 115mph.
  • Max Xwind is 17mph (stock for PA28 but undoc in AFM VB-170).
  • Redline: 2575 by cert, but no overspeed inspection needed under 2700.
  • Low Drag is 12″, full coarse, no flaps
  • High Drag is throttle full back, prop full forward, flaps 40, door open.
  • Cruise 75% @5000′ / 153mph TAS / 14.0GPH / 2200 / 23.7″ / Lean +100F EGT (1500F)
  • Cruise 65% @5000′ / 147mph TAS / 11.5GPH / 2100 / 21.9″ / Lean +100F EGT (1500F)
  • Cruise 55% @5000′ / 140mph TAS / 10.3GPH / 2100 / 19.3″ / Lean +100F EGT (1500F)
  • Takeoff over 50′ obstacle, 7000′ DA, 2900lbs, short effort, no flaps is minimally 2000′, and 450fpm
  • Takeoff over 50′ obstacle, 7000′ DA, 2900lbs, short effort, 25 flapt is minimally 1750′
  • Landing over 50′ obstacle, 7000′ DA, 2900lbs is minimally 1520′
  • Recommend at least ++50% for personal minimums unless you have the experience to safely plan for less.
Weight & Balance

The following is general reference only, and is not a replacement for the AFM.

  • N9229W_pa28_235_wb.xls W&B Calculator Spreadsheet based on Eric Duensing’s work.
  • Includes VB274, aka Supplement #1 per SL-0567. Front seats are at aft station. Adjust spreadsheet for your legs.
  • BEW 2011-08: 1588.70, CG = 83.58, MOMENT = 133,777.29, Max Gross: 2900lb
  • CG Limits: +81.5 to +93.5 at 2100lb or less; +86 to +93.5 at 2600lb; +91.5 to +93.5 at 2900; Straight line between points.
  • Front Seats: 80.5 to 80.5 in 1.25″ increments. Full aft unlocked is about 96″.
  • Rear Seats: +118.1 fixed.
  • Baggage: 142.8″ on center, 165″ at bulkhead. Max 200lb
  • Fuel: 84 gal at +95 (Two 25gal mains, two17gal at tips) (2.3lb unusable at +103)
  • Oil: Club Target is >= 7Qt before take-off. AFM min 2.5Qt, Max usable 9.25Qt, Max fill 12qt.
  • Oil over 9.25qt will blow out during flight. (2.4lb unusable at +41)
Piper Cherokee PA-28-235B Checklist

NOTE: Checklists other than the manufacturer’s books should be personal creations and should be verified to match proper procedures. The following information can be used to help you devise your own; however, no guarantees of accuracy are made. The following is general reference only, and is not a replacement for the AFM.

  • 235B_Checklist.zip – DOCX and PDF checklist from Josh Davis that’s a combination of several different lists, then modified to his likes.
  • Piper-pa-28-235-cherokee.zip – A DOCX and PDF checklist derived from Dighera with most of Gene Whitt’s notes folded in.

Hangar Address

52F – Northwest Regional
4630 Doolittle, NW side of airport