Having a 172 in your fleet is a classic edition to any flying club!

General Information
  • $55/dry TACH. Pilots top off tanks before putting it back.
  • See Sales_Tax to see if you qualify for sales tax exemption
  • This plane requires a minimum 1 hour checkout and a questionnaire: N7487G_Questionnaire.pdf
  • The POH Expanded CG and W&B from the plane are in N7487G_Cessna_172K_POH.pdf. NOTE: FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
  • Registration, Airworthiness, and 337s from the plane are in the plane.
  • Cessna Type Certification Document. More info on the C172K inside. Cessna_Type_Cert.pdf
Aircraft Data
  • 1970 Cessna 172K
  • Lycoming O320-E2D
  • 150 HP at 2700 RPMs
  • McCauley 1C172 propeller
  • Fuel Cap 42 gals, 38 useable
  • Oil capacity 8 qts Aeroshell 100 (SAE50) – (Min. Club target = 6 qts)
  • Empty Wt. – 1359.8 lbs
  • Max Gross – 2300 lbs
  • Useful Load – 940.2
  • Payload (full fuel) – 688.2 lbs.
  • 14V DC electrical system, 50A alternator
V Speeds
  • VSO: 49 MPH
  • VS1: 57 MPH
  • VR: 60 MPH
  • VX: 68 MPH
  • VY: 82 MPH
  • VFE: 100 MPH
  • VA: 122 MPH(2300 Lbs.)
  • VNO: 140MPH
  • VNE: 174 MPH
  • Max. Dem. X-wind: 17 MPH(15 KTS)
  • Best Cruise Climb: 80-90 MPH (for engine cooling.)
  • Best Glide: 80 MPH (2300 lbs.)
Weight & Balance

The following is general reference only, and is not a replacement for the POH.

  • N7487G_Cessna_172K_wb.xlsx.
  • ARM data on Front seats are based on mid point of seat adjustment range. Adjust spreadsheet for your legs.
  • Front Seats: INCHES to INCHES in 1.25″ increments. Full aft unlocked is about INCHES.
  • Rear Seats: INCHES fixed.
  • Baggage: INCHES on center, INCHES at bulkhead. Max POUNDS
  • Fuel: GALLONS gal at INCHES (Two 21 gal tanks) (POUNDS unusable at INCHES)
  • Oil: Club Target is >= 7Qt before take-off, Max fill 8qt, Minimum 6 qts.
Cessna 172 Checklist

NOTE: Checklists other than the manufacturer’s books should be personal creations and should be verified to match proper procedures. The following information can be used to help you devise your own; however, no guarantees of accuracy are made. The following is general reference only, and is not a replacement for the AFM in the plane.

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Hangar Address

As of 10/1/2018, Phoebe is temporarily positioned at DTO.  Contact one of the board members for information.