Aerovalley Flying Club Leadership

“The measure of a man’s greatness is not the number of servants he has, but the number of people he serves”
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Christina Wong (Cougar)


Christina is our club president and has taken the North Texas Aviator scene by storm! She is always on the prowl for new members so watch out!

Steve Wong (Viper)

Vice President

Steve epitomizes what it means to be the best at his craft. Don’t let him come up on your six or you my get bit!

Alex Clark (Hollywood)


Alex Clark is our club Secretary. He is as wealthy as Howard Hughes and flies like him too… so of course his call sign is “Hollywood”.

Scott Poliseno (Maverick)


Scott likes to fly fast and loose and if you get to close he might just hit the brakes and let you fly right by… “He’s going to do what?!”

Allison Hoyt (Slider)

Chief Mechanic

There is no Aerovalley leader as on top of their game as Ally “Slider” Hoyt. She is a Texan flying a Texan… a Texan squared?

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If you think are leaders are cool, you should meet our members. They are cooler than the other side of the pillow!

What makes a great flying club? That is not an easy question to answer for everyone and usually the answers will be different based on who you ask.  Here are a few features of our club.

  • We have awesome members that make our club like a family
  • We have a heck of a fleet with 4 birds and growing!
  • We like to party… yup we get together and eat dogs and chat about our missions.
  • We all like tacos
  • We keep the costs to fly at their absolute minimum to make this fun and affordable… lol who are we kidding, almost affordable, this is aviation anyway!